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Fascia (the connective tissue) and its importance for our health and general well being (range of motion, perception of pain) are a revolutionary theme in medical research these days. In the new BLACKROLL® BLACKBOX our best selling tools are collected in one set, and now available for an amazing set price. 


  • BLACKROLL® STANDARD- black - the classic piece: to roll out the full body.
  • BLACKROLL® MINI - black - perfect for an intense roll out of the plantar fascia (soles of feet) and the Achilles tendon. 
  • BLACKROLL® Ball - 08 cm black - for targeted and punctual massage of trigger points.
  • BLACKROLL® DuoBall - 08 cm black - designed especially to apply along the spine, from the lower back up to the neck.


  • standard density
  • for all uses (full body)
  • established massage effect

    Made in Germany

    • highest production quality
    • all rights reserved
    • quality management to DIN ISO 9001:2000

      Environmentally friendly production

      • energy efficient production
      • material is 100% recyclable  
      • 100% free of chemicals and propellants 


        • water resistant
        • inodorous
        • easy to clean 

          Note: All products in the BLACKBOX are BLACK

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