The BLACKROLL® Difference

BLACKROLL® offers everyone the possibility to improve their flexibility,balance and strength. BLACKROLL® is the optimal addition to classic treatments, such as physiotherapy, massage, Rolfing or osteotherapy.

Countless sports and medicine experts and top athletes and coaches recommend BLACKROLL® for self-massage and fascia training.  BLACKROLL® fascia rolls are harder than your average foam roller, guaranteeing a stronger, deeper massage effect. BLACKROLL® products are 100% German-made using 100% recyclable source material, free of any hazardous chemicals. BLACKROLL® product production is also highly-energy efficient. 

Why Do New Zealanders Choose BLACKROLL®?


  • A roll for every soul. BLACKROLL® offers you progression and options, with a range of graduated densities and textures, in a rainbow of colours. 

  • They're not foam rollers. BLACKROLL® aren't foam rollers. To start with these German engineered, manufactured and designed rolls are made with long-lasting polypropylene. Foam rollers, chip, compress and deform: BLACKROLL® won't. 

  • No nasty stuff. They're completely free of propellants and nasty chemicals.They are made out of PP5 (polypropylene) which is mainly used in food packaging and the medical industry.

  • No smell. They are completely inodorous.

  • They're dishwasher proof. They're designed to be cleaned in the dishwasher (and we think that's pretty cool!)

  • They're Kiwi summer-proof. If you left your roll in the car on a hot summer's day you'd be sweet. These puppies are heat stable to at least 110 degrees.

  • They're Kiwi winter proof. They are also completely water-resistant. 

  • They're good for the planet. They're made out of 100% recyclable materials.

  • They travel well. They offer an incredible lightweight design, at just 150g for the Standard version.

  • You can pop a vibrating core in your BLACKROLL®. This novel technology offers the unique Vibra Motion Technology, offering a very wide massage spectrum, hardened muscles get targeted release whilst the surrounding tissue is multidimensionally stimulated.


  • BLACKROLL® is an amazing functional training tool as well as offering the world's best regeneration.  BLACKROLL® is a renowned myofascial release tool renowned for boosting athletic recovery, mobility and performance but also uniquely a functional training tool in its own right.