BLACKROLL® New Zealand Athletes

BLACKROLL® New Zealand proudly partners with a number of New Zealand's finest teams & athletes who rely on BLACKROLL® products for their recovery and performance. BLACKROLL® is also 100% made in Germany and 100% recyclable.  

We are proud to partner with the following athletes:


kate southern

Kate is a mum of three and identifies as the 'every day athlete': she loves to keep fit, strong and healthy to get the most out of life!

While running is Kate's main passion, her training includes plenty of strength-work and functional training in order to stay injury-free.

Kate instigated parkrun in Palmerston North and is one of five trained coaches bringing the 261 Fearless movement to New Zealand - empowering women to take that first step into running in a safe and social environment.

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lisa tamati

Lisa Tamati is a New Zealand sporting icon, who's run more than 70,000km to date, and has transversed almost every major desert in the world. Lisa is among the world's top female ultra-athletes, and one of the world's few full time adventure runners.  

Running is Lisa's passion, not only as a physical pursuit but as a means to inspire and help others.

Lisa understands the need for myofascial release as an integral part of her training and recovery, and we're delighted to have her as a BLACKROLL® New Zealand Athlete.

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The Hurricanes squad exclusively use BLACKROLL® to strengthen, prepare and recover. They use a mix of the entire BLACKROLL® range to leave no stone unturned in their quest for supremacy.

BLACKROLL® New Zealand are proud to have the 2015 Super Rugby Champions on board!