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The BLACKROLL® ReleaZer® is a patented therapeutic tool for targeted treatment of fascia and muscles. 

If fascia tissue has become stuck together or hardened, you can improve its suppleness and elasticity by alternately applying pressure and tension.

By using the ReleaZer® as a self-help device, you can positively stimulate the receptors in our connective tissue (fascia). This will increase and speed up the regenerative capacity of the tissue.

The BLACKROLL® ReleaZer® perfectly combines the benefits of vibration technology and classic massage techniques in one device.

It's now possible to use this patented self massage innovation, appraised by physiotherapists, in the comfort of your own home.  


This device was developed by pain therapist Christopher Gordon (Center for Integrative Therapy, Germany.). Gordon invested many years in the development of a perfect fascia massage device. In a clinical study (2015) - randomised, double checked, standardised - which was presented and very well received at the world Fascia Congres 2015, the therapeutic success of the Fascia-ReleaZer was proved.

  • Increases full body recovery
  • Significantly increases circulation of the treated tissue 
  • Supports resilience and nutrition of the muscle-fasciae-tissue
  • Improves flexibility and strength of the fascia and muscle tissue 
  • Significantly improves range of motion and mobility

    German Engineering

    The ReleaZer® is made with high-quality walnut wood and is developed by Beurer, world-renowned specialists for health and well being. 

    • 2 vibration settings
    • 4 treatment surfaces 
    • battery life up to 11 hours per charge
    • non slip grips
    • includes instruction DVD
    • 2 year guarantee


    • easy to clean and disinfect 
    • high-quality walnut wood: does not take up any fluids